With this trip we want to explore the green island. The wonderful part rough, part lovely nature created by the Gulf Stream is one reason for our visit. The Wild Atlantic Way, the Ring of Kerry, various gardens and national park will make the way worth while.

The cities Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast show us the culture and history of Ireland, which was more connected to the British Empire only 100 years ago. The Celtic foundations, the Christianization, the Vikings and the economical challenges followed by wars and the Northern Ireland conflict put their stamp on the society and national identity.

Sophisticated country houses and modern company headquarters are contrast to farmers’ homesteads and fishers hut, where people still have to work hard for a living. The Irish are known for their hospitality and their joy of life, what we will not only notice in the public houses but also in the folk songs. 

Ireland is known, for salmon, butter and whiskey. It is during the Ulster fry breakfast, the afternoon tea, the Sunday roast and at the fish markets and the farm shops that we will get to see and taste new and interesting foods.