Nature friends, lover of fresh air and photographers will love this tour, which deliberately misses out the northern parts like North Cape and the Lofoten Islands in order so see and do many thins in an appropriate timing.

Via Copenhagen and Western Sweden we will reach the Norwegian Capital in order to find out more about the monarchs, the culture and the Vikings. In Lillehammer we truly see the sporting background of the nation. The drive along the valley and the fjells, mountain plateaus, will not be boring. We will hear about Trolls and Elves, see musk ox and reindeers and find mushrooms, rare plants and see stones and water in all forms and colours.

When we reach the Norwegian Sea, we experience the magnificent fjords, the mountains that start at sea level and drive across bridges, through tunnels, with ferries and on the Trollstigen - the ladder of the trolls. 

Excursions like the boat trip on the Greirangerfjord and the Sognefjord as well as the ride on the Flamban are essential to the programme, same as the participation in the Sankt Hans festivities, the Norwegian midsummer. 

Visits to the stave churches, a walk through the hanseatic quarter Bryggen in Bergen, a visit to a salmon farm and the fish markets will round off this trip.