It's best on tour when you have a program that inspires you and you can experience something that is difficult to do alone: ??a personal tour of a museum, a visit to a special place or an event. A specific tasting or a great meal are also part of it and are not much fun on their own. We take a few days in the summer for all of this.

As the name "trip into the blue" suggests, we only tell you where we are going three months before the start of the trip. The journey is expected to have two to three stages with a maximum of 250km. There are several visits, three meals and both culture and maybe a little adventure. We stay in Germany or just move across the border.

This tour is ideal for anyone who likes, for example, our New Year tours or city tours where we always do sightsee but often cannot visit special events.

The travel time at the beginning of July promises stable weather, so that you can also do something outside.

The person in charge of this tour is Sabine Machado-Rettau.