(Kopie 6)

After visiting Tuscany and Umbria in autumn to lengthen the summer, this trip is designed to take us to the spring-like south of Italy to shorten the winter.

The history of the Italian peninsula is closely linked to the history of Europe or what was once called the Christian Occident. Again and again, we encounter testimonies from the time before, during and at the end of the Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire followed by a patchwork of city-states, duchies and kingdoms and finally the Renaissance still gives us a lot to discover today.

The occupation with science, economy and trade brought a social development and urbanization, which still impresses today, centuries later.

We interrupt the heritage hunt to taste the different specialties of the kitchen and cellar, visit parks and gardens. Long beaches, impressive landscapes and roads that make the journey to the destination complete the journey.

This tour is being escorted by Varina Gattemeyer.