When summer comes to an end, you can travel with us to the south-east of Europe. The destination of this trip are the long beaches of the Black Sea, Eastern Thrace on the Marmara Sea and the northwestern Aegean Sea.

To get to the Black Sea, you follow the Danube, which is one of the most important trade routes in Europe. We follow the course of the river from Budapest to the Bulgarian border and explore the Danube Delta.

Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Turks are just the most important peoples who played a role in the history of the Balkans. Churches, mosques, fortresses, castles, harbors and trading towns with town houses present us with the development and change in the various travel countries.

The program of this tour shows you, as always, the most important sights, but also gives you the opportunity to devote yourself to your own interests. You can deepen cultural aspects, go on explorations in nature or simply relax; just as it suits you.

Ideally, you should extend the summer on the coasts of Turkey or Greece after the tour.


This tour is being taken care of by Dana Lemeziene.