Pre-Tour Meeting

We have learned from experience that a proper preparation is a good base for a successful tour. Depending on the route, requirements and administrative demands we ask you to attend some of the pre-tour meetings.

Some short tours, like the Germany Tours will not have a pre-tour meeting. The regular short and standard tours will have a meeting scheduled between 6 and 9 weeks prior to tour start. For the long distance tour there are two meetings enabling us to  speak about the administrative aspects first and then tackle the last questions approx 4 weeks prior to tour start.

The pre-tour meetings generally take place in Hausbay/Germany at Country Camping Schinderhannes. Mir Tours sponsors one nights camping fee for this. Quite a few participants arrive a day earlier so they can study the tour documentation at ease. This is also a good opportunity to meet the fellow travellers. Anyone coming without their camping vehicle can stay in a nearby bed and breakfast or small hotel.

During the meeting we will go through the tour documentation with you, offer additional information and hints and answer various questions, i.e. about tolls and travel budget, programmes, what to take along etc. Depending on the tour destination visa forms are finalized, tour documents scanned and processed. Apart from getting to know each other, a tour film and some technical training is generally offered.

Should you be interested in having a cb-radio counselling or fitting there is a company called CB Rider in attendance. A leaflet with their services and contact details is given to you upon booking.

We offer all clients to stay on for a briefing on GPS/Navigation Here we explain the various terms, explain what you get in regards to routes and waypoints and inform about additional free map material. If you wish we look at your system and tell you how it is most effectively used. If you have question about your unit or need technical support you must bring along your accessories and documentation.

Should you not attend the pre-tour meeting we will consult you about posting your tour documents.   


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