Morocco country of contrasts: The green of fertile landscapes stands against the dry desert regions and snow-covered 4000 m high mountains of the Atlas. The oasis valleys are criss-crossed with rivers and extend into the northern edge of the Sahara. They are living space for the people.

Experience a walk on high sand dunes or visit the often mentioned towns Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat or Tanger. See the royal cities Fes and Marrakech, marvel at the Moroccan trading in the Souks of the Medinas and hear the muezzin call for the prayer from the minaret five times every day. Morocco – an abundance of other cultures and other customs.

In the travel months April and May, between the rainy season and the hot summer. the nature is full of colours and smells. It is harvest time in the golden fruit field and in the orange gardens. The visitor sees Morocco in two seasons at the same time.

You don't have as much time? How about just joining as far as Casablanca, which is the shortened version of the tour.

This tour is being taken care of by Jean-Claude Moyen with wife Monika.