Routes, Places and Programmes

Since our tour participants are automobile tourists driving themselves, the programme might change because of vehicle breakdowns, border procedures, road conditions, force major or organisational reasons. Therefore all tours and programmes are subject to change.

The time a sightseeing tour takes is different from town to town. Usually sightseeing tours last half a day, so the afternoon is off. Here generally a local bus and guide will take care of you. Some sightseeing trips en route done with the own vehicle are marked with a symbol.

Short excursions to points of interest nearby are not especially mentioned. The distances quoted for driving kilometres is approximate values only. This might vary because of change in local infrastructure or because of the different speedometers in the vehicles.

Campsite positions might differ in distance (max. 30 km) from the stated town. We quote the nearest known town, because maps available in Europe will then enable you to trace the route.

In some sections of our tours, there are stages that require driving in convoy. Therefore, for your safety and convenience it is necessary to have CB-radio with you on journeys that take longer than three weeks.

When booking a camping tour to Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, you should be aware that you do travel to "camping underdeveloped regions. Hygiene, comfort and infrastructure are not as developed as in Western Europe. Also our tours are not pure cultural tours you must enjoy driving, be open minded and curious about other folks.

The travel services mentioned in the programme are included in the price. All other arising costs have to be paid by the participant, e.g. border- / toll- or custom fees, police escort, ferries, fuel, insurances, food, personal expenditure, tips or optional programs.


Please, remember that during most of the tour you are no longer in Western Europe, where travelling is much easier, for example no customs and borders. The countries of the former Soviet Union are dominated by poverty and economic difficulties and have an extravagant bureaucracy. On the other hand you will become acquainted with people who are very hospitable and friendly.