Information Days with Tour Presentation

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A successful tour starts with good planning and organization, especially if you plan to go off the beaten tracks.

The Mir Tours Team offers information days in order for you to decide if the tour is right for you These take place at Camping Schinderhannes in Hausbay in Germany.

Apart from the tour presentation we show films and other tour documentation. We give hints and suggestions on what to watch out for, how to tackle administrative hurdles. An important issue is the exchange with other interested travellers and tour leaders.

The info days in September give you the opportunity to learn the details about the planned trips presented in the latest tour catalogue. In springtime we present the tours again and show you what we plan for this and the following season.

Die nächsten Termine:

Frühjahr 2020 - Freitag 17.04. bis Sonntag 19.04. 

Herbst 2020 - wird noch mitgeteilt  


Friday, March 22nd, 2019 Arrival 

14.30       Presentation of the various long distance tours  

18.00   get-together, exchange of views, film/slide show 



Saturday, March 23d, 2019 

11.00       General Requirements for our tour

14.00       Presentation of all short and standard tours. 

19.00   film/slide show, get-together 


Sunday, March 24th 2019 

as of 9:00  more time to talk about your individual booking matters 



Apart from that there are pre-tour meetings on most of the tours, for which we invite the participants upon booking.  


It is too far for you to come to Hausbay? We also go on tour.