Your Vehicle

You can participate in our tours with a conventional camper or caravan. It is important that the vehicle is technically up-to-date and without any defects. Required for the trip is the standard equipment for any camping tour.

Vehicles longer than 9 metres and higher than 3,3 metres and/or a gross weight above 7,5 t may have restrictions put upon them due to local laws. In this case it may become necessary that you have to park apart from the other vehicles because some entrance gates might be too small for you.

We attempt to offer you a pitch with electricity, water and sanitary facilities at the short trips and standard tours, but these often do not correspond with the Western European standard. Hence we recommend you have at least a toilet in your vehicle.


The participants travel with own camper or caravan. For this reason, it is a requirement that you have a break down cover for all vehicles. Travelling abroad a Green Card from the insurance is necessary. For trips outside of Europe you must request the cover to be extended by your insurance company. Alternatively there is the possibility to buy a third party insurance locally, however this will have a very low coverage.