This tour is offered for those of you who do not want to stay at home for Christmas or who want to leave shortly after the festivities. Portugal offers no swimming weather in January, but it will be better than shuffle show or scratching ice. The diversified kitchen and cellars, the culture in churches, monasteries and palaces, the nature at the remote seaside and in the mountains offer you a nice mix.

The tour starts in Barcelona, where we will also welcome the New Year. Cities like Zaragoza, Segovia and Salamanca ensure that crossing Spain will not be boring.

The Duoro River, the former capital Guimarães and Porto, one of the most important places of the county will keep us entertained in the first week. You will soon find out that most of Portugal is engaged in agriculture, trade or seamanship. On the way to Lisbon the university city of Coimbra and pilgrim town of Fatima will not be missed out. Here and there time seems to have stood still. Places of Worship, nice tourist towns, old town centres with character and flair will be presented in the next days.

The tour ends in the third week of January at the Algarve, an extension to stay along is possible, We recommend a trip to Morocco or to travel home leisurely through Southern Spain.