Since we had so much fun in Strasbourg last time this programme ran, we are looking to spend the change of year in a metropolis. 


Prag offers a lot in its centre and the old town and the castle mountain offer many sights. The squares and alleys with shops and eating and drinking places invite you to hang out. The cuisine is wholesome and famous for its pastries.  At dessert and in the cakeshop you will understand that Bohemia is supposedly the land of milk and honey.

During the coach excursion to Kutna Hora we will hear more about the history of Bohemia. Together we will celebrate New Years Eve with a nice menu and celbrate the Czech national day on January 1st 

On New Years Day we will watch the fireworks prior to parting ways on the next day. 

Die Reise ist schon durchgeführt worden. Wenn Sie Lust auf die nächste Tour nach Prag haben, dann empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere Osteuropa Schnuppertour. Zum Jahreswechsel 2019/2020 wollen wir uns wieder nach Westen orientieren. Wie wäre es mit Amsterdam?