For many years Yugoslavia and its succession states have been favourite destination for campers and caravanners. Albania however, having been isolated so long, opened only recently.

Travel with us to the country at the Adriatic Sea and experience for yourself that the prejudice associated with Albania and Albanian is wrong. The towns are modern and follow western trends. In the countryside and the mountains it is still like the author Karl May told it when he wrote about the proud land of the Skipetars.

The nature, the mountains, winding pass roads, small hamlets, coves with gravel beaches next to rock cliffs - simply idyllic. Despite the climate of change and the towns with buildings sites, the life here is more authentic than in the tourism strongholds elsewhere.

Our trip traverses the country on the Adriatic from north to south and is specially designed so that it can be booked as a connection to the "Croatian Adriatic" tour. With the end of the trip in Greece, we enable you to extend your vacation. Afterwards you could also travel further with the tour guide to "Western Turkey".