Siberia and Lake Baikal have always fascinated us Western Europeans. This might have its reason in the literature, the story about conquest, banishment and the struggle with nature. The vastness and the distance seem unbelievable and add to its attraction.  This short, but also distant trip comes from us taking our vehicle to Jekaterinburg and then changing to the Transsib Railway. A programme especially requested by some of our clients. 

The first leg leads on the main roads nearly to the gates of Moscow. Across the central Russian upland in south eastern direction we reach the Volga River. Volgograd is the southernmost point of this excursion and the mighty river will accompany us to Saratow and Samara.

Further highlights will be the arrival in Siberia, i.e. Miass and in Jekaterinburg, both are typical Russian but actually lie in Siberia. At Jekaterinburg we leave our cars behind under guard and take the Transsiberian Railway to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. After a varied six-day programme we return by plane.  

Leaving the Ural region cities like Perm, Kazan and Nishnij Nowgorod wait to be visited on the way west. Next is the Russian capital of Moscow from where we go straight west to exit into Latvia. Here the tour ends and taking the overland roads or the ferry you reach home in only a few days. 

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