When asked “Do a trip based on the former German-German border”, we initially thought of a short tour of 7-10 days. But since there are so many interesting things, it turned out to be a good three weeks.

In the zigzag course, Hanseatic cities, palaces and castles, nature parks and hiking paradises are visited. Seven federal states are on the route and you can see how different and yet how similar central Germany is.

Of course, there are some testimonies to the division of Germany on the program; Helmstedt, Sorge, Point Alpha and Mödlareuth. With a visit to the imperial palace, places of the Reformation, places of work of well-known poets and thinkers, we cover various cultural and historical aspects. The alleys of the old towns, round villages, mines and factories show the development of the regions through the centuries.

A few days in the country, activities outside the cities and not too long driving stages complete this tour.