"Do you go to the South of France?" Yes, now we do. And here you see a little bit of everything. 

There is the architectural side with antique ruins, roman amphitheatres, medieval castles, renaissance palaces as well as gothic, roman and baroque churches and burgeoise houses and modern museums. Then we see th idyllic fishing villages, the resort towns of the jet set, the spa town and festival place, wine villages, government seats and large metrople areas.   

Scenic landsapes like the flower coast, small beaches, remote islands, rocky coastlines, mountains, caves, wetlands and even ricefields. And, not to forget; the Mistral winds.  

Apart from city tours, boating trips, palace visit, excavation sites, photo safari, and nature walks,.. we will also have to explore what is put on the plates and in our glasses. There are a few leisure days for you to follow your individual interest and hobbies like cycling, golfing, photography and painting.