This tour aims at the individualists, who prefer to visit the Baltic States and Scandinavia on their own. With the newly created E-Visa you may easily enter the Leningrad Region. But, there are other issues that are easier handled in the group and with a tour operator.

The itinerary consists of the most important programmes: the water fountain park at Peterhof, the Amber Room at Pushkin as well as the Hermitage. The advantage here, as a group we do not need to queue as long to get in. A special highlight is the evening programme with folklore in the Nikolai Palace.

With more than 200 museums St. Petersburg is a cultural centre. There are museums about the arctic, about Dostoevski, showing musical instruments and even about vodka. It might be useful to extend your stay, especially since there are also concerts and ballets waiting for your visit.

During our stay we spend a few days in the western outskirts of St. Petersburg near Kronstadt or Peterhof and then move to a more central overnight place closer to the city.