Go with us to a varied region, there where Europe and Asia meet and mix. Great countryside, historic places and hospitable people wait for us. 

On the first part of the tour we travel to Odessa via Southern Poland and Kiev - which is the fastest and most scenic option. A ferry helps us traverse the Black Sea to reach Batumi in Georgia.

The port towns fof Batumi and Poti as well as the region of Swanetia represent th western Georgia.In Armenia we visit the capital Jerewan as well as Sevan Lake before travelling via Georgia to Baku on the shores of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaidjan.

From this Easternmost point we return to Georgia to see the faszinating mountain region near the Kazbek. Across the georgian army road we take an adventurous mountain road to Russia.

The Northern Caucasus is a mix of Russian and Islamic influences. The spa town and the trading places are visited, same as the Olympic town of Sochi at the Russian Rivera.

Elista in the steppe show us new impressions, followed by the Volga Valley with Astrachan, Wolgograd and Saratow are visited before going West through Woronesch, Kursk and Gomel. In Belarus we are nearly at the end of the tour ins Warsaw.

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