One of our classics, "Turkey-Greece" has been fundamentally revised. Shorter stages and more programme and rest days make this spring trip attractive.

The tour begins in Greece, which can be reached by ferry from Venice, Ancona or Bari. You may also approach the tour start overland along the Adriatic coast with the trips "Croatian Adriatic" and "Albania, mountains and more".

With three sightseeing and one rest day the north of Greece is crossed. We then explore western Turkey, a country with the most beautiful excavations, ancient sites and picturesque landscapes.

Despite the multitude of ancient ruins from Hellenistic, Roman and other times: it is not intended to be a trip for "stone-turners". Marvels of modern technology, railway history, natural spectacles such as the tuff world of Cappadocia or the sinter terraces in Pamukkale provide variety. Markets and bazaars also vie for our attention.

Rest days on the beach and in nature let you pursue your own interests

This tour is being taken care of by Varina Gattemeyer.