The story of the Ancient world can not be told without speaking about Carthage, the Greeks and the Romans. The destination of this tour, Southern Italy and Sicily, as well as Tunisia in North Africa where at their peak of civilization. Like a common thread we will always pass through ancient places and ruins. 

Don't worry - this will not be a study trip for people roaming in old stones. Metropolises like Rome and Naples are in contract to small hamlets and historic ports. In Southern Italy ther is apart from the cultural programme a very scenic landscape, a little dolcefarniente and the products of cellars and kitschen. Colourful market, street cafes, promenades and beaches will make time pass quickly. 

In the second part of the tour we visit the African continent, who is not lacking behind with its markets, medinas and medresses. Also here the programme is enhanced by a unique landscapes. Fertile oases in the middle of barren land, salt lakes, the Sahara desert, plantations, palms and olvies delight the eye. The ability of men and beast to adapt to the conditions as well as their hospitality will amaze us.    

You are due to return by ferry from Tunis i.e. to Palermo or Genua. Why not stay on a little and extend the summer. Should you have time restrictions, you may also book a part of the tour, either "Calabrien-Sizilly" or the second half "Tunesia". 

This tour is being taken care of by Varina Gattemeyer. 

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