The Rhine, although only 1200 km long, is one of the most famous rivers in Europe. The Romans already recognized how important the stream was and founded many cities and established transport and travel routes. Many legends have survived from the time of the knights. These, the stories of the wars of the various princes with the French and the romanticism of the Rhine made the Rhine Valley legendary.

Fought over in the first half of the 20th century, the Rhine developed into a tourist region after the Second World War, which, however, fell into a kind of slumber with the construction of the motorways.

With garden shows, fireworks, UNESCO World Heritage status and the renaissance of Riesling, the region has regained momentum. Discover with us one of the most beautiful corners of Germany: A tour through wonderful landscapes, framed by historic castles, vines and picturesque wine villages.

You can extend this trip by adding the "Mosel Valley" route.

This tour will be taken care of by Norbert Alt.