In the 15th century, the French stopped showing their wealth and might through weapons. Culture, Elegance and daily luxuries were means to show off. Hence grand renaissance palaces with magnificent gardens are available for us to explore on this trip. 

Apart from the classic places like Amboise, Blois and Chambord we have selected further places to see, like Cheverny, which was the first castle to be open to the public. Get the fairy tale feeling at Ussé, the place that inspired the author to write "The Sleeping Beauty".

Next to well-kept gardens, supposedly natural forests, large throne rooms and small castle cafe we look at other sights of the region: grand cathedrals, small monasteries and the valley of the Loire river. The German saying for "to live like a bee in clover" is "to live like god in France". Dinners in the castle, wine tasting, sound and light show make this tour a special one.