The tours make high demands on people and vehicles. Health restrictions are not a problem for us. But we kindly ask you to take into account that neither we nor other participants can assist you with medical or caring services.


We shall gladly inform you about the suitability of your tour of interest in your individual case.

Mobility Rating

We are required to give each tour a mobility rating stating the difficulties for persons with restricted mobility. This is set in three levels.  

Level 1 - Walker
You are mainly walking on flat terrain at moderate speed. You should be able to enter/exit bus' and trains and manage simple steps. (suited for rollators)

Level 2 – Walker with one stick  
Additional to level one you will experience uneven path (i.e. cobblestones) or gradients.

Level 3 - Walker with two sticks
Additional to level 2 you will have to walk more distance/longer time (i.e. hikes), which might include hill, steep terrain. You should be able to go up stairs, (i.e. church towers). 


Pets are allowed on most tours, but should not impair the course of the trip. Some restaurants, museums, cathedrals or other public places do not tolerate dogs.

Also, it might be possible that for pets an admission fee is due at the border. Costs, which occur through pets will be charged to the owner.


All pets need a EU pet passport. Some countries require a certificate from an official veterinarian that should not be issued more than 10 days prior to the tour and depending on the destination your dog will need a rabies vaccination for the re-entry into the EU. Some dog breeds are not allowed in some countries, e.g. hounds in Tunisia. Please check this before the booking.