To start this journey, you can arrive to Stockholm by different ferries. In addition to the capital cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen, where things are more modern and hipper, you will visit historically interesting places such as Karlskrona, Malmö and Odense. The inviting, cozy culture, be it in the streets lined with wooden houses, on the promenades or in the cafés, gives you the opportunity to stroll or chill.

Sightseeing spots like the match museum or a glassworks offer the unusual Scandinavia. We experience traditional things on visits to the archipelago, on the Göta Canal and on harbour tours. Various castles and palaces bring us closer to the kings and their children. We also learn more about one or the other hero of a well-known book.

A special highlight of the trip is the trip overland. Good country roads lined with colourful flower meadows lead past farmer's markets, strawberry stands and flea market barns. The journeys "over sea", over the bridges of the Øresund and the Great Belt, are something special, like the entire trip.

This offer is part of the journey "Southern Scandinavia" or the "Great Baltic Sea Tour".

This tour is being taken care of by Dana Lemeziene and her husband Vytas.