Even in the early days of Perestroika Tours, we visited Georgia, which is located in the south of the Greater Caucasus and on the Black Sea, and was sometimes a travel destination or a transit country in the program. Just as we visited Georgia from different directions, in the millennia before that, traders on the Silk Road, pilgrims, other travellers and foreign armies came to the country and left nothing but an impression. Despite their own language and identity, the Georgians have integrated foreign cultures into their customs and traditions.

Georgia was an early Christian country, but besides churches and monasteries, it also offers some other architectural sights. There is also a strong cultural presence in theatre, opera, music, literature and the fine arts. But the main attraction is definitely nature. On the journey through the country, you have mountains, glaciers and 5000m high peaks as well as steppes, semi-deserts and subtropical forests. Not to forget the gorges, fertile valleys, lakes and of course the Black Sea coast.

The Georgian cuisine is of a special quality and variety and was not considered the haute cuisine of the Soviet Union for nothing. Tables that bend from the food, local wine, sparkling wine or brandy accompanied by toasts are characteristic of the Georgian joie de vivre.

This tour is being escorted by Sabine Machado-Rettau.