As a Mecca for motorhome enthusiasts, the Moselle has long had a permanent place in the hearts of travellers. On this trip we visit the typical part of the Moselle valley: where the vineyards are steep and the river is winding, there are many places to stop for refreshments and the wine is delicious.

Follow in the footsteps of the Romans who lived here 2000 years ago. Hear tales of monks, knights and merchants who have roamed the valley ever since. Find out how to cope with the challenges of the narrow valley and how, especially in the border triangle, the small river connects the peoples.

But even experienced Moselle tourists will see a few new things on this tour. There is plenty of free time in between, so don't forget your bike and hiking boots.

This trip is the one that follows the "Rheintal" tour.

This tour will be taken care of by Norbert Alt.