This journey to the cradles of different cultures has been updated for the 2024 season. We have planned a little more time in places where it is particularly beautiful and sights await us.

The journey leads quickly via the Balkans with the capital cities of Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia to Istanbul. From here, the gateway to Asia, it goes along the Black Sea coast to Batumi in Georgia. A detour to Svaneti and you are already inland, in the capital Tbilisi. Georgia also offers impressive mountains in the Greater Caucasus and hospitable wineries in Kakheti.

From Tbilisi you can also visit Armenia, with Lake Sevan and the capital Yerevan, one of the oldest cities in the world. As a country that was the first to commit itself to Christianity, sacred things will also be on display here. The Armenians are considered good traders, but they tend to act quietly. That comes from the time when the Persians, Russians or Ottomans were in charge. Another relic from the times of foreign rule is the cultivation of ancient traditions by artists and poets.

Returning from the Lesser Caucasus, this journey ends in Turkey, unless you cross the Black Sea by ferry.  There is another offer of this tour including Eastern Anatolia.