Code of Conduct


The tour operators organized in the German Travel Association (DRV) have agreed on a declaration of self-commitment. This "Code of Conduct" for tour operator lists the quality criteria that the tour operator voluntarily undertakes to adhere to. The core competencies and comprehensive services of the travel provider are highlighted.

With their legally binding signature, the participating providers undertake to adhere to the following five criteria:

  • - Available around the clock in emergencies: A contact person is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • - Organized crisis management: In the event of a crisis, a pre-determined crisis management will be entrusted to handle the crisis.
  • - Support staff in the target area (tour guide or agency): Support staff are available on site for customers in the holiday region.
  • - Organized complaint management: Customer complaints are dealt with in an organized complaint management system within the company.
  • - Tour operator liability insurance: The tour operator proves by submitting a copy of the insurance policy that a tour operator liability insurance has been taken out for his company. With this, the organizer shows that he has secured himself against claims for personal injury and property damage.


Use of customerbile telephone numbers

1. Declaration of self-commitment

We hereby confirm that we will not use the customer's mobile phone number for marketing purposes.

If the organizer uses the mobile phone number to communicate in the event of a crisis, the agency will be informed as soon as possible about the use of the mobile phone number and the content of the message.


2. Definition of "crisis"

There is then a "crisis" that entitles the tour operator to use the customer's mobile phone number sent to him by the agency:

If there is a case of "force majeure".

“Force majeure” is understood to mean an external event which has no operational connection and which cannot be averted even with the utmost reasonable care, which cannot be foreseen when the contract is concluded and which significantly complicates, jeopardizes or affects the Journey leads.        

The following case groups should be mentioned:

  • Epidemics and natural disasters
  • Political unrest and wars
  • terrorist attacks
  • strike
  • Official measures

If there are circumstances that do not meet all of the above criteria, but can nevertheless have massive effects on the contractual fulfillment of the travel service by the tour operator.


The following examples should be given:

  • Traffic obstructions or disruptions that could prevent timely arrival at the airport or (bus) station
  • Short-term changes to the departure times of the means of transport
  • Short-term problems with the accommodation