This trip is aimed at customers who are open to an early start of the season. Portugal doesn't offer bathing weather in March, but it's definitely better than snow shovelling and ice scraping. Varied kitchens and cellars, a lot of culture in churches, monasteries and palaces, nature by the sea and in the mountains show you an interesting mixture. This year we have reversed the journey and start on the south coast of the Iberian Peninsula. You travel here at your own pace, with tips for the stages if you like.

From the windy Atlantic beach, it goes to the rocky coast of the Algarve, inland and through various important places - of course with an intensive visit to the capital Lisbon. Follow in the footsteps of the Romans, great explorers, various artists, kings and princes of the church to the northern metropolis of Porto and the banks of the Douro. Time seems to have stood still here and there. Sacred buildings, pretty excursion destinations, districts with character and flair determine the next few days.

Even if places like the university city of Coimbra or the pilgrimage site of Fatima might suggest otherwise, you can tell that Portugal is all about agriculture, trade or seafaring.

This tour is being taken care of by Varina Gattemeyer.