Mir Tours is the leading operator for camping and caravanning tours going to destinations that are not so easily travelled to individually. 

25 years of experience and a good net of touring partners and agents make tours from 7 to over 150 days on four continents a well-conducted and safe experience.

The teams’ strong points are the dedicated service, know-how and the credo that anything that can be done ahead is done. We have experience with international clients. 

Today’s travelling world has to cater to the more individual wishes of the clients, they set the time frame, they specify what they need and they know exactly what they want from a tour operator. 


This is what we can offer:

1. Tour Organization
2. Visa Services
3. Insurance
4. Tour Services i.e. 
   - Local guides and accompanying staff
   - Tour books with information where to stay, what to see, etc.
   - Booking of tour services such as overnight stops, sightseeing, programmes.
   - Assistance in case of accident, break-down through local staff

 According to your time frame, your abilities to use modern technologies and your service requirements we can cater a tour for your. This is how it works:

1. The specific services to be rendered need to be discussed, outlined and fixed in writing.
2. A written offer is made up for the clients
3. Prior to further work beginning a small agreement is set up which outlines the duties and responsibilities of the clients and the service operators.

 Please note, payment for services rendered by third parties (i.e. consulate fee’s) are to be paid in advance. We are considering charging a deposit for the documents, this fee approx € 200 will stay with us for one year after trip beginning and is not paid back if we find out that the client has handed our tour documents to a third party


Price List