Short driving stages, varied and interesting, a joy for the eye and a feast for your palate - this is how this tour to the south of France and northern Spain may be characterized. 

We hear about historic events, when travelling in the Midi-Pyrenees, we hear about the catharism and medieval Andorra. Spa town and idyllic mountains invite you to relax or walkabout and give you a break from the sightseeing. The crossing of the various peaks and passes, the excursions with the trains and cable cars will offer you spectacular mountain views.

The Basque country with Pamplona, Vitoria, Bilbao and San Sebastian is also an important part of this tour. After having seen the cultural sights one must look for and indulge in the regional specialities. Markets, tapas bars and street side cafes give you plenty of opportunity.  Biarritz and Bayonne in the French Pays-Basque are second to none. .

Sabine Machado-Rettau is scheduled to take care of this tour.