We have been traveling to Poland for decades, even if we have to admit: it was often just a transit country on the way to the east. We visited the Baltic Sea coast, Masuria, Silesia and the metropolises of Warsaw and Kraków in sections every year, albeit mostly only briefly. For a change, this trip deals intensively with the center of Poland.

Polish history from the Piasters and Prussians to the Jagiellonians and the Union with Lithuania, the Noble Republic to the various partitions: the history of this country is exciting and impressive. But don't worry, this trip will not be a study trip. A few unusual and modern museums, insights into the local gastronomy and some free time for your own interests provide variety.

Look forward to pausing in the street café, the evening around the campfire, the boat trip on the Vistula or cooling off in the nearby bathing pond.

This tour is being taken care of by Dana Lemeziene with husband Vytas.