Welcome to Mir Tours

Welcome to Mir Tours

Regardless what kind of camping vehicle you own, our tours may be driven with any off the shelf caravan or motor home. The short and standard tours are suitable for all, even for trailer tents, rooftop tents and pick-up. Even motor bikers may come along on some tours using local accommodation. Also large vehicle with truck chassis are welcome.

This page offers not only classic round trips, but also event and adventure tours in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. All are group tours. If you wish you may also order an individual tour from us.

Our services always include what is requested from a consistent tour: organization and booking, visa procurement, tour documentation, overnight fees, tour leader, sightseeing and other programmes like meals, folklore, wine tasting, etc.  

We are first as Camping Perestroika, then Perestroika Tours and today Mir Tours & Services, for more than 25 years running as a tour operator for caravanning tours. We believe a good preparation is just as important as good services and safety on tour.  


The following tours from our current catalogue may be booked now: 

Booking List

Title Date Vacancies Bemerkung
Route 60 - Florenz & Rom 24.03.2018–03.04.2018     
Route 28 - Marokko, der Sonne entgegen 25.03.2018–07.05.2018     
Route 28k - Marokko, der Sonne entgegen (kurz) 25.–27.03.2018     
Route 38 - Kalabrien - Sizilien 04.–28.04.2018      RL Wolfram Schneider
Route 73k - Korsika 10.–25.04.2018      RL Jean-Claude Moyen
Route 73 - Korsika & Sardinien 10.04.2018–08.05.2018      RL Jean-Claude Moyen
Route 36 - Zentralspanien 13.04.2018–16.05.2018      RL S. Machado-Rettau
Route 55 - Schnupper Wochenende 19.–23.04.2018     
Route 94 - Mittelasien - Seidenstraße 23.04.2018–29.07.2018      nur noch wenige Plätze frei
Route 73s - Sardinien 25.04.2018–08.05.2018      RL Jean-Claude Moyen
Route 14 - Moskau - St. Petersburg 06.05.2018–06.06.2018     
Route 14k - Moskau - St. Petersburg (kurz) 06.–28.05.2018     
Route 18 - Ukraine - Osteuropa 06.05.2018–02.06.2018     
Route 31 - Irland, die grüne Insel 08.05.2018–09.06.2018      RL Detlev Mahlstede
Route 27 - Durch die Schluchten des Balkan 08.05.2018–08.06.2018      RL Klaus Fischer
Route 90 - Kaukasus 10.05.2018–07.08.2018     
Route 90 - Südlicher Kaukasus 24.05.2018–28.06.2018     
Route 27k - Durch die Schluchten des Balkans (kurz) 26.05.2018–08.06.2018      RL Klaus Fischer
Route 77 - Südliches Norwegen 01.–26.06.2018     
Route 15 - Im Schein der Mitternachtssonne 07.06.2018–04.07.2018      RL Dana Lemeziene,

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As part of the tour preparation we will give you a briefing on how to get the best use out of your navigation system during the trip. We also offer gps/navigation support to private clients. This may include advice on purchase, updates, use and free map material.   


We regularly offer workshops in this subject.  

We regularly offer workshops in various subjects, i.e. navigation, social media, etc. 




Would you like an individual tour? We work it out with you.