Our Action Plan

The size of the tour groups is being reduced. The minimum number of participants is already 16 people. Groups of 24 people plus a tour guide are capped at least until the end of May 2021 (can be extended if necessary).

Our entire team will actively participate in the provision of additional mouth and nose protection as well as its disinfection and the stocking of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Joint visits and tours are mandatory with a tour guide system (radio receiver) so that the group can keep their distance without missing anything. We will provide you with the necessary recipients for the duration of the trip.

Our service providers are made aware of the need to provide the services we have booked in such a way that the risk for you is as low as possible. For example, we do not have buffets for meals together.

What is required from you:

  • Compliance with the contact restrictions and distance rules, depending on the requirements of the responsible authorities, the local host or the tour guide.
  • A certain amount of patience when dealing with service providers who have to do more so that we can travel more safely.
  • Responsible handling of the Corona issue so that fellow travellers are not harmed, e.g. use of the "Corona App".
  • Understanding science, because there is always new knowledge. Therefore, recommendations can change; this means that we have to be flexible.

New insights from late 2021

Many travel destinations and/or their service partners now require 2G or 3G status. It is best if you are vaccinated and have a digital vaccination card, i.e. the EU CovPass. To be on the safe side and to protect third parties, we still do a self-test at the start of the trip and once a week. Mouth and nose protection is also still an important means of keeping the pandemic in check.


Travel insurer offers additional Corona protection

At the end of the 2021 season, the colleague from ERGO was visiting. As the successor company to ERV, ERGO looks after us in matters of travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance, which we include collectively in all trips.

We exchanged information about the latest developments regarding Corona. It is still the case that Covid as a pandemic cannot be processed as a cancellation. As Mir Tours, we have our Corona promise in one form, but the insurance company now offers supplementary protection against Covid-19, which expands your insurance cover as part of the travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance by the following important services:

  • llness and death due to Covid-19

  • Personal and individually ordered quarantine measures


  • Denied boarding/entry due to elevated temperatures

The price for this additional protection is EUR 13.00 per vehicle. Booked participants will be written to again separately so that they can book the protection in good time before the specified date, 30 days before the start of the trip.

Our Corona Promise:

We understand that the pandemic is unsettling. We would therefore like to take a little worry from you with our Corona promise.

A pandemic and its consequences are unfortunately not covered by the travel cancellation insurance.

First of all, we adhere to customer-friendly travel law. In the event of travel cancellations due to force majeure, our reimbursement will be promptly made to your account You will only receive your credit as a voucher at your special request.

If you or one of your risk persons is affected by Corona before the start of the trip (illness, quarantine, etc.) and you therefore cannot travel, you will receive a rebooking option from us: We will deduct the costs actually incurred for you from the cancellation fees incurred (visa, Maps, meetings), we will credit you with the rest for another trip.

Frequent Questions around Corona


We know a lot about Corona and we don't know anything; it is important that we continue to learn. We have to monitor and evaluate the situation in the target regions and the requirements of the authorities.

As a tour operator, we simply say: we don't want to make dangerous trips and of course we can only travel there. where it is allowed and safe. Any regions that are consider high risk are automatically taken off the programme. 


Yes, there are still destinations that we are advertising that are not yet on the list of possible travel destinations of the Federal Foreign Office about 10-12 weeks before the start of the trip. We are monitoring this and expect that the travel restrictions will fall before the start of the tour. But should this not have happened until approx. 4 weeks before departure. we will question the implementation of the trip and will probably cancel it. The participants will then be fully reimbursed for the travel price paid.


From a purely legal point of view, cancellation costs would be due, if you cancel without a travel warning being issued, as personal fears and concerns do not give a legal right to free cancellation.

In the case of Corona cancellations, as well as all other cancellations, we decide from situation to situation how much goodwill we can offer to your matter. That depends both on the booking situation and of course it helps when we talk to each other.

Participants who cancel months before the start of the trip, e.g. because the daughter has marital problems or they no longer want to go to Russia because Putin's policy does not like, we can rebook. Depending on the status of the booking, e.g. because we have already had external costs for visas or meetings, we will charge a corresponding amount. After all, we want to keep you as a customer.

In any case, we are happy to process cancellations internally via a rebooking, if this is possible. It is the same with ERGO as it is with your car insurance - sometimes it is worth paying something yourself before you have higher premiums afterwards.



If you have to go into quarantine at home due to corona cases, we would allow you to rebook to a later travel date. Of course, you can also bring a replacement participant. Here, too, we want to exercise goodwill, but this depends on the time of your cancellation before the start of the trip.


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Sollte eine Quarantäne für Reisende ausgeprochen werden, so würden wir die Reise nicht mehr durchführen wollen und Ihnen vorab eine Absage aussprechen. 

Illness is covered by the travel cancellation insurance, which is included in all Mir Tours trips.


If the trip has not yet started, it can no longer take place and the tour operator will cancel it. The participants will then receive back the money they have already paid within 14 days.

If a warning comes into force during the trip, there are corresponding regulations in travel law. The organizer has to take care of it and the costs for the trip home will be charged according to the legal regulations.