Is it a Russian city? A European city? No, the Global city St. Petersburg: build at short notice by Tsar Peter I. The Neva swamps and the bones of thousands of stonemasons and bricklayer are the base of this young metropolis glistering in its original splendour as well as showing off in modern magnificence.

Stroll along the Neva Quays and enjoy the setting of baroque palaces with the magic of the White Nights, or dive into the busy going-on of the Nevski Prospekt, where anything your heart desires is available.

On the other hand you may take the boat to Peterhof, whose grounds with their trick fountains even surpassed Versailles. Remember to take your sunglasses; otherwise you might nearly be blinded by the glimmer of the golden fountains, the glistening water. One can rave about St. Petersburg endlessly I rather go there in person. 


We offer this programme as part of a longer tour to Moscow and Belarus. We give you chance to explore some of the 200 museums, see other palaces and enjoy a cultural programme. 

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